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Are you a small brewery looking for an easy way to manage your ingredients, recipes, and production without using spreadsheets? It's quick and easy to set up your brewery to start saving time.

Inventory Management

Don't lose money by running out of ingredients unexpectedly. Get reminders.

Production Tracking

Keep production rolling by getting reminders when process steps are due.

Brewery Reporting

Easily pull data for TTB reports with canned or custom reporting.

Planning & Scheduling

Plan out your brewing into the future based on ingredient availability.

Automated Accounting

Automatically know the cost of a batch. Easily access cost data on ingredients.

Purchasing & Receiving

Reminders when shipments are due. Quickly reference vendors for reordering.

With 2 package options, you don't pay for what you don't need.

Inventory Package includes

All of these great features:

  • Dashboard to highlight inventory needs
  • Up to 9 Users for one price
  • Free Customer Support
  • Custom Reports
  • Export to Spreadsheet function
  • Free Updates & improvements
  • Mobile Friendly design
  • Keep record of inventory shortages

Inventory + Production includes

Everything in the Inventory Package plus:

  • Visual tank scheduler
  • Reminders when process steps are due
  • Scheduling based on current inventory
  • Track a batch from start to finish
  • Additional dashboard features to highlight needed actions

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