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Dashboard to highlight inventory needs
Great Customer Support Included
Custom Reporting
Export to Spreadsheet
Updates & Improvements
Mobile / Tablet Friendly
Up to 9 additional users
Recipe Management
Visual Tank Scheduler
Track a production batch from start to finish
Reminders when process steps are due
Additional dashboard features to highlight needed production actions

Coming Updates

  • Automatic order preparation based on the brewing schedule you prepare.
  • Brew Schedule forecasting based on your previous data.
  • Syncing with a common accounting software.
  • Automatic filling of the TTB form.
  • Batch merging and splitting.
  • Tracking of kegs and barrel aging.
  • Beer inventory tracking and serving tank visualization with forecasting.
  • Reminders to place orders for upcoming production batches.
  • Improved production scheduling and tank visualization tools, And More....

Inventory Module

Looking to simply manage your ingredient inventory and know the cost of a batch? Then try out the Inventory Package. Custom reporting allows you to create and run your own reports. You can also manage your recipes, which will automatically pull the required ingredients from stock.

Simplify and automate your tracking. No more worrying about version control of spreadsheets.

Production Module

Looking to manage your ingredients and your batches through the end of the production process? Then try out the Inventory & Production Package. This package gives you the same benefits as the Inventory Package, while adding in the ability to manage and track your production batches, allowing you to easily report your production numbers to the TTB.